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----Rolling jigsaw puzzle machine FOR home based buziness

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-wooden dies for puzzle

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jigsaw puzzles Do want to make your own jigsaw puzzles?
To make it of your own picture?
To make it of your own design?
To set up a jigsaw puzzle shop with this concept?
Have you ever heard of jigsaw puzzle machine for home based business?


PUZZLE MACHINE TYC14 upto A4 Sizes puzzle 150kg
PUZZLE MACHINE TYC18 upto A3 Sizes puzzle 200kg
PUZZLE MACHINE TYC22 upto 500pcs puzzle 260kg
PUZZLE MACHINE TYC26 upto 1000pcs puzzle 350kg
PUZZLE MACHINE TYC30 upto 1500pcs puzzle 450kg
PUZZLE MACHINE TYC40 upto 2000pcs puzzle 600kg
PUZZLE MACHINE TYC50 upto 3000pcs puzzle 1000kg

VEDIO: How does puzzle machine working


Choosing the proper machine for your use depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of space you have, the amount of money you want to spend, and whether you want to make puzzles as an in-home business. If you plan to make jigsaw puzzles for income, you will likely want to invest in a cutter that allows you to create a wide variety of puzzle sizes. It should also be able to stand up to more frequent use than if you buy a cutter strictly for hobby purposes. Some of the available cutters are small enough for home use, but some are quite large and are appropriate for heavy industrial use only.

To decide a jigsaw puzzle die, information of size and how many pcs is necessary, and uf for custom jigsaw puzzle dies, please offer design ot pictures.


1. How does the jigsaw puzzle machine work?
It is a puzzle cutting machine by rollers also called puzzle cutter and puzzle die cutting machine or puzzle die cutter, our jigsaw puzzle machines have functions of both running and reversing, and the rolls are of special technical dealing which have ensured the strengh for big jigsaw puzzles.?

2. What are personalized puzzle machines?
To answer this question, let firstly explain the personalized puzzles: normally the puzzles we see in the market of mainly of same picture and same size. personalized jigsaw puzzles are different, it can be of you own picture and in the size and the quantity pcs you want, in order to meet this need for people the personalized puzzle machine comes into being. Personalized puzzle machine is different from the normal profession puzzle machines, personalized jigsaw puzzle machine can make puzzles of personal pictures in small quantity. It is of simple structure and easy to operate.

3. What other equipments are needed for making personalized puzzles besides the roller puzzle machine??
Besides the puzzle machine, you need a computer, a printer and sometimes need a scanner which are used to adjust the photos or pictures.

4. Are we original manufacture or reseller?
We have our own factory fro both the jigsaw puzzle dies and machines. Our factory is located in LaoShan QingDao China.

5. What material can be used for the jigsw puzzle machine? Can we use the machine for magnetic puzzles and wooden puzzles? What about plastic material? Besides paper cardboards, it can cut magnetic puzzles. And for wooden and plastic material, it should special material for puzzles.

6.What is the loading port of the machine?
We are located in QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINA, the machine can be shipped from QINGDAO sea port or QINGDAO airport.

7.What is the life of the puzzle dies?
All our puzze dies can cut at eleast 20000times for rolling puzzle machine, and for professional puzzle press machines, it can cut upto 100 000 times..

8. Do we need to buy a glue machine for the jigsaw puzzle cardboard??
No, we uasually use adhesive photo paper, it is easy and much cheaper than the glue machine.

9. Where we buy the supplies such as the jigsaw puzzle cardboard??
We can supply all supplies for the jigsaw puzzle machine, and for cardboard I think they can be found easily, if you can get them in local area, it will save much shipping cost for you.

10. How is the Warranty and Aftersale service??
All our machines and dies have one year Guarantee, and we are always prepared on line to help users who come to us with questions, because the machine is of simple structure and we have shipped spare parts with the machine, so all kinds of problems can be settled with our guide.